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Michael Peticolas

Peticolas Brewing


        Beer runs deep in the veins of texans, but family runs deeper, and at a brewery in the design district of Dallas those two collide to form Peticolas Brewing. That is exactly how Michael Peticolas wanted it. Every brew that Peticolas releases is full of flavor and thought. You can immediately appreciate the taste, but to fully understand the beer, you first need to understand the man who started it all.

       When you first meet Michael, a few things are immediately apparent. He is welcoming, very driven, and extremely passionate about brewing beer. Michael isn’t a guy to sit back and let someone else do all the hard work. I mean, a big reason he got into brewing was because he took a look at a list of goals he had set for himself in his Law career, realized he had achieved them all, and asked what to do next. He had the same answer many of us do when asking ourselves this question. Drink beer of corse! Although, being Michael Peticolas, he took it a bit further. Every aspect of the brand he created reflects who he is. Study the logo for instance, and you’ll notice each detail has specific meaning. A pentagon which stands for the five owners, who are himself, his wife, and their three children, the silhouette of Texas, who’s state motto is “Friendliness”, and an overall design made to feel like the logo of a soccer team to give a nod to Michael’s other passion. This is the level of attention to detail that Michael brings to his beer. 

      Now, let’s talk about what everyone is actually reading this for. The Beer! Step into the taproom at the brewery and you’ll find a selection that is sure to have something for everybody. You really can’t go wrong. If you like hops, and getting buzzed,  the imperial IPA “Sit down or I’ll sit you down” is a sure hit. Take a sip of this bad boy, and you’re hit with floral hoppy aroma,  bright citrus and pine, with just the right amount of bitterness and warming alcohol. Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, “It’s always something” will always deliver. You'll enjoy aromas of banana and dark candi sugar that hint at the gentle sweetness of the malty body. Your sip is finished with a chocolatey spice that is so delicious, it leaves you unsure if you want to sit and enjoy the feeling, or go for another sip. Of corse it’s always the latter.. Due to current legislation, Peticolas legally can’t sell directly to the public, but you can always come in to the taproom, or find their beers at many local bars and restaurants. Thankfully, Michael Peticolas is as badass in the field of Law as he is at brewing beer, and won’t rest until unreasonable laws that only seem to suppress craft brewers and prevent them from taking a larger share of the market, are all taken off the books.

        Though brief, I truly enjoyed my time with Michael, and look forward to drinking his beer, as we all watch him change the landscape of craft brewing. 

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